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Small Fry
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male usa
or what about placing it near an outlet your going to need a few of them and dont place it by heating or AC vents
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female newzealand
Well thanks for that article. I have goldfishes and I was told by a fellow ex fish owner that sooner or later i am going to have tropicals and seems that it has come so i brought another tank the same size as the one i have

61 x 31 x 46cm
Approx 70L

Rekord 70 Aquarium - All the work is done, all you have to do is add the fish, plants and stones!

Remember, Rekord 70 Aquarium comes complete with:
* complete internal filter system -Compact
* waterproof lighting system - 1 x 15W
* heater thermostat - 100 watt
* powerhead - 400l/h
* digital temp guage

Got another thread saying about got a tropical tank and so i am after some tip's,hint and advice but i am confident that there isnt much i can go wrong.. Apart from accidently putting the wrong type of fishes together but i am looking at dwarf gourami, tetras and cories to the tank. At first it was Siamese fighter,pearl gourami and angelfishes not all together just as a centre piece and then other fishes to add to the tank to keep that one centre piece happy.

They say fishes are dumb, because humans need to be smarter in keeping the fishes alive.
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Small Fry
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male usa
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This is a great, user-friendly guide for a novice like me. I would like to better understand the debate over UGFs. I have heard/read very convincing arguments on both sides. Any takers?

Just for the record, "fishes" is not the plural form of fish. "Fish" is both singular and plural, like "moose" or "deer." "Fishes" is only used as a verb.
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Stuffed Peppers 5
Small Fry
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Thank you very much!
I am new to the Aquariam World, and reading your article helped me a lot when I went to my fish shop and Petco. I am planning to set up a few tanks and decorate them with plants and stones before my fish arrive. I hardly knew anything about the nitrite, thank you for that information as well! I am looking forward to getting my fish and starting a mini aquarium!

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