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Small Fry
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male england
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Hi all I\\\'m Wayne I started keeping freshwater tropical fish before Xmas but of course I didn\\\'t know about cycling and wasn\\\'t told when I brought my tank and was told come bk when you\\\'ve put water and I will sell you fish now I\\\'ve got my nitrite nitrate quite low I\\\'ve regular water changes and put carbon pads in temporarily I know carbon is a touchy subject with pros cons I have some live plants is there anything else I can do? I\\\'ve not had any fatalities for a month or two fish are happy healthy looking and even some spawning going on so I feel they must be content I add tonic salts lower than the stated dose by half as I\\\'ve read it up so feel littles best also tap water conditioner. Stress zyme. I have test strips but fear their not reliable
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