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Hello people. Is this forum still active? It's been a few moves through apartment, rental house, condo but I now have my own 3 story house. Top of the plans when I have money is a 75g predrilled reef tank but that's the semi distant future. It's a bit earlier than I planned to setup my first tank and I don't have much to spend but I came across someone selling orange spotted sunfish, I've always wanted a tank of small sunfish, and he just went and captured some females for me instead of all males. I'm finding conflicting info mainly because they are only a popular aquarium fish in other countries. What space do you think these guys should need? I sold most of my standard size tanks but I have a 30g long and 40g breeder sitting full of water in the yard with no failures so far. 2 of my 3 remaining filters run but I'm not sure I can run the 40g on just one of those filters so I might be restricted to 1 tank until I buy another filter.

I can't afford much to plant and light at the moment but I have texas holey rock and some decorative rock somewhere. I debated the ph the fish would like based on bits of info that conflicted with using limestone but if they are local all our water is referred to as liquid rock with ph levels around 8.

Tomorrow: drain tanks, figure out where to put them inside, refill, and cross fingers.
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