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SubscribeAny problems doing this with SW?
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^^ I'm thinking about doing something along those lines as a mangrove tank, but on a smaller scale. The above setup is brackish, but pretty much checks all the boxes for land/sand access. So far, it is one of 2 that I've seen that are anywhere near ideal for keeping crabs.

Can anyone think of anything that should be done differently in order to make that work with SW?

I'd guess that most of the feeding and moulting would be done on land, so the actual bioload that the water section would need to sustain should be fairly minimal. The substrate should be about 2-3" deep and of a large grain size, so shouldn't compact too badly and (judging by land hermit crabitats anyway) seems to cycle reasonably quickly.

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I think you know that the sand has to be a calcium carbonate sand, and I'm not positive that "pool filter sand" is always made of calcium carbonates......other than that, it looked like a nice tank. I was impressed at the foresight the creator had to place some window screening so the crabs could climb up. Otherwise glass is too slippery for most crabs.

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