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SubscribeConsidering a micro reef.
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male usa
Howdy, it's been a while since I have been on this site, and figured I would stop by and ask a questions.

If I wanted to make a micro-reef (anywhere from 5-20 gallons ).

I know this can be done. Heres the catch though... It needs to be on a budget, and for the most part self-maintaining.

From what I've read in books about nano tanks, People have sucessfully made 2 gallon nanos before.

I was thinking something like this

Filtration - UGF , and possibly a hang on filter.

Aeration - A spare air pump, or one that comes in the tank kit.

Lighting- Basicly the same situation as the air pump.

I would be buying the kit itself from walmart ( like I stated, It's gonna be on a budget). However this rules out the skimmer and hydrometer. From what I understand youdo not need these with a light bio-load and frequent water changes.

2 iches of sand (not sure what type to use)
A bunch of live rock
1-2 snails
1 crab
2 clownfish.

The inverts shouldnt add to much to the bio-load right? The clownies from what I have read are pretty calm, so they don't need massive swimming space.

Does anyone think it can be done, and if so what are the largest problems? Also can I get a guesstimate on $?
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Young Pup
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I'm not really sure that an UGF would work with sand as the substrate, if you do go that route I'd suggest crushed coral instead.

As for the water movement in the tank, I'd recommend going with a powerhead instead of and air pump, the pump would increase the amount of evaporation in the tank, and a powerhead really does a better job of moving the water around.

Lastly, you could try the clowns in 20 gallon tank, but I definitely wouldn't try them in anything less. I'd just go for some inverts in anything smaller than that.
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male usa
So go crushed coral over sand. Im prolly misunderstanding but did you say dont get a air pump? I was under the impression that a a/p was vital. If I need mass filtration and surface movement I could possibly use my dual catridge hang on filter for my old 55 gallon. Are there any fish that would work in a 10 gallon? As I write this I rememberd an old ionizer that I got. With it I wouldnt have room for the hang on. Could I go ugf with crushed coral, ionizer, powerhead, and live rock for bio filtration?
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Tenellus Obsessor
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Skip the ugf. I promise this will cause you problems. Instead, try 1/2 inch to 1 inch of fine aragonite sand, 1 lb per gallon of live rock, and an oversized HOB filter. Do not use biomedia in the HOB filter. Instead, use mechanical filtration and chemical filtration. AKA filter pad and a rotation of the following: carbon, phosguard, and purigen. Clean the mechanical filter weekly.

I currently have a 5.5g tank for these guys:

Critical Fertilator: The Micromanager of Macronutrients
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