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SubscribeHi, Need help in saltwater reef canister filter setup (media options)
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Hi all.
Ive kept reefs for 12 months now in a 10gal tank and run an internal skimmer and live rock and sand. And have been successful.
But my next task ive converted my Fluval Roma125 to a reef setup, This time I have not used Live rock or live sand.
I have used Dry Marco rock and got plenty of time for the nitrogen cycle to cycle.
I am using a All pond solutions EF2+UV canister filter and the pre booster filter. Unfortunately can not run a sump.
Currently all my parametres are good, but there is nothing yet live in the tank.

My Questions

Would it be advisable to use a nitrifying bacteria starter. I.E Fluval Cycle , API Quickstart or ATM Colony? and which one?

And what media should I use in my Canister filter for my Biological filtration, I know canisters are e to be nitrate factories but its my only option.

Many thanks.
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