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Barb Boy
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male canada
i am getting a 35 five gallon marine aquariumand i thought for fish i would get 1 or 2 neon goby(s), 1 false clownfish, 1 royal gramma and a black cap basslet. if thats not too much i wantedto get some sort of lobster or snail. i also want to know what a good, easy type of coral would be. any suggestions?
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Tenellus Obsessor
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male usa us-northcarolina
As far as your stocking goes, I'd suggest that you pick one basslet or the other. The royal gramma and the black cap will not get along in that size tank. Most lobsters are quite destructive and opportunistic in their feeding habits, making them unsuitable tankmates for smaller fish like you have listed. Instead I'd suggest a shrimp like the cleaner shrimp or peppermint shrimp. Most snails will do well for you and eat algae and other extra food items left over in your tank. Most (not all though) snails sold in the lfs will be great additions to your clean up crew.

Adding corals to the tank requires extra forethought, and after setup, extra maintenance. I usually suggest you get your feet wet with a fish only, or fish only with live rock before you make the jump to a reef tank.

That said, the answer to your question would be corals such as zoanthids, mushrooms, leathers, green star polyps and such.

Live rock and expensive lighting are a necessity for a reef tank and most people also consider protein skimmers to be as well (especially for a first timer). I suggest you do some reading to decide if a reef tank is worth the extra effort and investment before diving in head first.

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male usa
I second what Matt said about the lobster I have one but I also have a 125 gallon tank. I have the spiney lobster. I would not recommend them for under a 55 gallon tank. Another problem is you`ll never see the lobster. I`ve seen mine 5 times in 6 yrs. They hide under the rock and only come out at nite time. A shrimp would be good like Matt recommended. The blood or fire shrimp is a very colorful shrimp. As far as corals I would hold off till your tank stabilizes with LR and Fish. Once it is a matured tank then you`ll be able to handle them provided you have the proper lighting.
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