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I have a 120 gallon saltwater tank with 132 lbs. of live rock. I was thinking about adding another 44 lb. box of rock to my tank. When I do this I want to redo my rock structure because I do not like the way I have it set up and I don't think it provides enough places to add coral too. Right now I do not have any corals in my tank but I do have fish and some snails and crabs.

If I do decide to redo my rock structure will this couse any problems to my tank and are there any precautions I should make. I know i will have to fully cure the new rock before adding it to the tank.

Has anybody done this before. Any help will be appreciated.

Also, When building a rock structure how close to the surface of the water should the top of your structure be.


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It sounds like you have a good grip on things. I'd have a few buckets for tankwater to help you move rock round without having it in the tank. Also you can use pvc and zipties, as well as epoxies made especially for the hobby to help stabilize your rockwork.

Good luck and make sure to share some pictures.

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Once you cure it you should be good to go. I have seen many ways to aquascape LR. Basically it is up to you since you are the one looking at it all the time. I saw one the other day where some one had the middle open. It looked pretty good.Make sure of some pics after you finish.
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