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Small Fry
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Soo... I've got a pico reef setup I guess... a little 5 gallon. So I've found a little aiptasia anemone which seems to be getting bigger by the day. And I had some other things on the rock that I'm not sure what they are.. perhaps very young aiptasia growing.. Not sure yet. But I want to get rid of them all just in case. So i've read up on the many methods of removal and I REALLY do not want to use chemicals or lasers of any kind. My tank is incredibly stabile for such a small size and I dont want to ruin the good thing I have going. I think a loarge part of the stability comes from the seagrass beds I've been growing for the past 6 months or so. Super healthy grassbed system, but I dont have any shrimp or crabs for fear that they would consume the grasses. The snails even show interest in them. So I'm kind of in a pickle.. how do I get rid of the aiptasia without indirectly killing my grasses?? Any suggestions? Is there a species of shrimp or crab that won't consume my grasses?
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