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Hey everyone!!!
So I've got a chance to start new, and was possibly thinking about switching to a saltwater tank!!! I have a 60 gallon (4 feet wide, 2 feet high, 1 foot deep).

Regardless, I have to replace my bulbs, as well as my filter since it hasn't been running well. I spoke to a pretty knowledgeable (to what I can see anyway) man at a local LFS yesterday and he told me that if I come in expecting to spend approx. $250 CAD that I would be able to have a decent set-up. He said it was going to hook me up with new bulbs, a new filter, and wanted to talk me into an under gravel filter. I didn't hear him mention a skimmer... but I've read up on needing them, so I figured I'd start the thread by asking if it's a necessary piece of equipment... or if there's something else that I can run this without... then figured if you knew what I could stock the aquarium with.

So far, my heart is set on at least 2 clown fish (I have a 6 year old step-daughter and a soon to be 1 year old daughter) Thought it would be nice for them to have their own Nemo!!! What else could go in there? I know he sells seahorses as well and that really peaked my interest! I also fell in love with a yellow tang, but I want to keep this fairly on budget so I might end up going to get more expensive fish down the road. I also want live plant animals (not sure the correct term) He had beautiful ones!! Let me know what you all think, I want to make sure I'm making an informed decision here!!
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