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Barb Boy
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male canada
I have a 35 gallon marine aquarium. Right now there is nothing in it but salt water. The salinity is 1.024. It is in the middle of being set up. It has also been running like this for about 2 weeks. The equipment I have in it right now is a light, a canister filter, and a heater. There is about 1 inch of crushed coral and sand substrate. (I am getting a bubbler and a protien skimmer.) Lately I have noticed a bunch of little white dots and film on the waters surface, along with a funny smell. Is this normal? And if not what can I do to fix it.
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What are your readings, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, ph, hardness, etc. The film and such your are seeing is most likely proteins. Proteins are the stuff which the protein skimmer will remove. It is probably stuff that has died during the start up of your tank. Especially if you have added any new LR into the tank. Even if bought as cured LR, you will have some die off from the transporting of the LR to the new tank.


There is always a bigger fish...
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Big Fish
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male uk
Sounds like a high likelyhood of it being decaying matter - that skimmer should sort it out quick enough
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