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SubscribeFish I did NOT buy at auction last nite
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female australia au-queensland
I went to a fish auction last night which finished at 1.30am.

I wasn't allowed to buy fish, so I bought 3 bags of Riccia moss which I will probably manage to kill pretty quick), and a large 4 ft hollow log driftwood. It looked a lot smaller to me from the far side of the room.

Ahem, fish I did NOT buy were 6 hoplo catfish, 8 panda cories, 3 caudomaculatus cories, and 3 apistogramma cacatoides original type.

20 (invisible non-bought) fish hit my 73 ltr quaranteen tank at once. Just as well they are little fish.
The tank has twin air risers on undergravel filter and I added an extra internal filter to help.

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male usa us-florida

i like how ur tank looks like its from like a back yard with all those pots. looks like ur fish tank is in ur bathtube with that tile behind it. you should put a background on it
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male australia au-victoria
I have had my Hoplo for years now and for its size its a extremely peaceful fish. I once saw a Bolivian ram trying to push it away and it took no notice at all.


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male canada ca-ontario
Excellent pics, I like that catfish in pic 1

The Amazon Nut...
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female australia au-newsouthwales
EditedEdited 05-Feb-2010 14:30
Nice pics. Congratulations on acquiring those fish, that you DIDN'T buy

I can see you DIDN'T buy them quite a while back. How are they going now

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