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SubscribeAlgae Eaters deaths! HELP!!
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male usa
Last week, my beloved Chinese Algae eater unexpectidly died. The only thing i noticed about his body was that his head was very very light. almost white. That same week i bought a replacment- a precious gold nugget pleco. @ weeks later, (today) i find him dead- the only abnormal sign: a very white head. Almost like a white spot (not small, covering a good portion of the head, also not a tumor or anything, its the skin color)

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male canada
Hi Sleepy,

Would u mind posting some parameters of ur tank e.g ammonia, nitrite,nitrate ph tank size and inhabitants.

Judging from what u wrote it might be fungus or cotton head? Can u be more specific?


!!I think I just learned somthing new!!
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Fish Guru
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Sounds like a fungal infection, or maybe a bacterial slime infection, hard to know without seeing the fish.
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