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SubscribeCardinal Tetras die with the lights off.
Small Fry
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If I have my aquarium lights turnd off for more than say 8 hours, my Cardinal Tetras loose all of their colour and look like they are about to die. They drift about the tank with the current, often ending up caught in plants and under rocks etc.

Is this normal?


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Big Fish
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male australia
if they are ok during the time when the lights are on , i would say that they are fine. a lot of fish change their markings depending on light or stress etc.
if they dont act normally during the day they might be sick. also how much current do you have in the tank , it could be too strong for when the fish are sleeping

cheers dan

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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
Depending on the lighting you have they will naturally change colour when the lights are off. Mine do swim around when there is other lights on in the room, I have never bothered to look when the room is in total darkness.

What else is in the tank?

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Bob Wesolowski
Mega Fish
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male usa

The change in cardinal coloration is a natural reaction. It is called sleep. It is nothing to be concerned about. You should see my discus drift during the night, color change is substantial and they drift into odd positions.

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female usa
Yeah, they're just sleeping. My Cherry Barbs lose their color and striping when they sleep.
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female usa
yes its normal,one of my convicts does the same thing
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
Panda Funster
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male uk
Cardinals undergo a fairly radical colour change in the dark. They are not the only fishes to do this - for example, Beckford's Pencil Fishes have horizontal stripes in daytime, but oblique, almost vertical stripes at night!

If they're in a room that's been totally dark during the night, and you suddenly expose them to light, you'll see their night time colours. They probably won't appreciate the shock though!

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female canada
last night i went to look at my cardinal tetras when it was still dark. they were all almost completely scared me to death!. when the light was shining in this morning they were all back to normal. good to know this is normal!
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