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Subscribe3 weeks to age water?
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female canada
Question... Ageing water over long periods of time, 2-3, 4 weeks, will it change the PH of that water?.. this is water that is sitting in just a pail/tub with no air circulation. just sitting cover slightly.

I know someone doing this for 2 small 10+20 gal tanks. only being kept are mollies/swordtails/gouramis/some small tetras/ 2 sm angels.
all thats left are the 2 angels in the 20gal..
they didnt look well and she a water change straight from the tap/ with aqau plus conditioner..they bounced back.

thanks Sue
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female australia au-newsouthwales
I believe the biggest pH change happens in the first 24/48 hours, but how far it moves after that is dependant on what the rest of the water is like. In general, I'm a fan of aging over taking water from the tap, but in some areas you need to do more than put it in a bucket.

I can get away with a large barrel, and in some cases I need to have floating plants in there to cut back on nutrients that are present from the tap. I know others who need to add handfuls of shellgrit to stop the pH from taking a nosedive. Some use dechlor, some use rainwater, and some just rely on the barrel setup to take care of everything. Most don't aerate, but that isn't generally an issue with the turnover.

Is the aging bucket foodsafe?

Is the water coming from somewhere that is not exposed to contaminants (sprays, pollution, perfume, pets with spot-on flea treatments, etc)?

Do you know whe pH of the tap water, the tap water 24 hours after leaving the tap, the tank water and the aging container water?

Is the aging container cycling (any body of water will cycle, even if you don't facilitate by adding ammonia or fish, it'll just take a long time to get anywhere)and giving the tanks a dose of ammonia or nitrite each change?

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female canada
thanks Callayta, this was a question I recieved at work by phone, I know the women who come in regulary for fish and fish supplies.
Apparently they live side by side, ones has been losing fish by the week some here some there. As much as Ive stressed what wouldnt go with one another, they say its fine.
they go by colour and price of a fish not by
as far as tanks mates go.
This has been going on for 2 months now, the Angels being the last purchase.
the lady looking after the fish whilst the other is on holidays, she has aged all the water needed for WC's, as she has always done since the tanks have been running, and has always rendered problems.
she had thought maybe the aged water for too long a period.
far as I know they are new buckets(I would hope)lol.. I will ask more and pass on your info to her.
thanks again
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male usa us-colorado
While on the subject, how are they storing it?
In 5 gallon or larger buckets, there should be a lid on it
and it should be stored in a cool and dark location. At
the same time it should not be left stagnant. An active
air stone should be in the bottom of the container to keep
the water circulating.
This will also speed up the degassing process whereby
the chlorine is given off and oxygen taken on.

If the water treatment plant is adding chloramine as well
as chlorine to the water, then a conditioner, commonly
called "Chlorine Remover" that removes the chloramine
(read the label) should also be added to the stored water.


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male australia au-victoria

I have been storing water for many years, reason being I have problems with my local water supply. I also have to take it directly from my instantaneous HW service (non Storage)

I bought several PVC (for a better name)water storage containers from the local hardware store, they all have a screw top. I leave this open all the time. I only add the necessary conditioners etc just before I replace the water in the tank.

Since I started doing this I do not have any water problems.

But what you have to remember what I am doing is for my water conditions and is not for any one else, your water conditions could easily be totally different.

Telling us your general location would help.


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