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Small Fry
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Hi guys,

Not 100% sure where I stand with this.
My tap water has a high Ph 8.8 and a low KH 2.
(My tank is currently fishless cycling, 240 litre)

I was originally planning on a kinda south american style tank, ph around 6.6ish. Is this going to be possible?

If I understand correctly, lowering the Ph would essentially kill the Kh, leaving me volnerable to a ph crash??, so I buffer the KH with what ever means, then I am unlikely to get my Ph down??

Is this right? if so, do I need to re-think this whole thing? or am I off in my thinking?

Appreciate any thoughts

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There are a few things that you can do to soften your water
for the SA fish.
You can use a commercial water softening system.
You can put a layer of peat moss in the bottom of the tank
and then cap it with a thin layer of gravel. The acids
in the peat moss would lower your pH.
You can use an RO filter to "dilute" and thus lower your
The latter is one of the more practical methods of lowering
the pH of "hard water."

You can adjust the just the KH easily by simply
adding Baking Soda a level teaspoon at a time,
and allowing a couple of hours for the water to
circulate the baking soda and affect your KH.


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