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35G:contains 4 electric yellow labs, 2 electric blue haps, a peacock cichlid, a bristlenose catfish and a chinese algae eater. filtered by standard aqua one wet/dry filter 550lph AND 600lph internl power filter which is the single most ugliest aquarium filter in the world
3G+ 5G:spare tanks.

1 5g currently contains 1 yellow lab and 1 bristlenose pleco and 1 pictus cat tepmorarily until 20g is rid of pond fish and 35g is finished
20G:temporarily contains 2 goldfish and 2 koi and a tandanus tandanus which will go into pond when it is finally fixed
15G:lots of guppies, a dwalf gourami, 2 khulii loaches and 2 apple snails
500G Above Ground Heable Pond:leaking huge problems see pond cichlids in cichlid forum


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