Paleomonetes sp.

Common Names: Ghost shrimp
Glass shrimp
Salinity: Freshwater
Distribution: North America
Care: A relatively easy invertabrate to keep, being that it is tolerant of a wide range of temperature and ph differences. A species that, being so small, are more than often sold as "feeder" shrimp, and also sell at ridiculosly low prices! Larger fish, who like to eat smaller crustaceans cannont be put with this shrimp. In order to preserve your ghost shrimp, provide many hiding places such as moss or very small structures made of rock. Provide a planted tank for the safety of your shrimp. There have been reports of attacks by the Ghost Shrimp in warmer tanks. Also, some people claim that their fish fry have been eaten by the ghost shrimp. When the fry reach 1 inch in length, they will be safe from the ghost shrimp. As most crustaceans, the ghost shrimp will molt, in which the time between the initial molt and the regrowth of a new exoskeleton, it will be vulnerable to attacks by fish of any size. The shed exoskeleton will eventually be eaten, and is in some cases required to leave in, as it contains a large amount of calcium.
Feeding: These are a scavenger species, who eat leftover fish food, and detritus from the bottom. The ghost shrimp prefer will also eat certain algae off the aquarium, but only after all leftover fish food is gone. They will also eat dying carcasses of both shrimp and fish. Their molted exoskeleton also provides a calcium rich food, neccessary for growth of new exoskeleton.
18°C - 28°C
64°F - 82°F
Potential Size: Male: 3.8cm (1.5")
Female: 3.8cm (1.5")
Comments: Breeding is easily encouraged when kept in groups. Females will be carrying brown eggs in her swimmeretts. These will hatch while still attached to the swimmerettes. Only Freshwater specimens could carry eggs. Some ghost shrimp are brackish, and carry larvae instead of eggs. Fish will eat the larvae of the ghost shrimp.
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