Synodontis nigriventris
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Synodontis nigriventris

Common Names: Upsidedown Catfish
Family: Mochokidae
Category: Catfish_Bottom_Feeders
Distribution: Africa; Zaire, Africa.
Main Ecosystem: River; River
Temperament: Peaceful; Peaceful. An excellent choice for community tanks.
Diet: Ominvore; Ominvore
Care: Mosquito and other insect larvae are the primary food of the Upside Down Catfish and are the best choice of food, though it will eat flakes. Otherwise very easy to keep. Keep floating plants in the tank.
6 - 8
22°C - 26°C
72°F - 79°F
5 dH - 12 dH
Potential Size: Male: 10cm (3.9")
Female: 10cm (3.9")
Water Region: All; All
Activity: Nocturnal; Nocturnal
Gender: Males are darker, while the females are a little rounder.
Breeding: Hard. feed pairs with plenty of mosquito larvae. One of the few Synodontis species to be bred in an aquarium, therefore their price is considerably lower than other Synodontis species as it can be bred commercially making it more available to aquarists.
Comments: The upside down swimming position is attributed to the way the fish feeds on mosquito larvae at the surface.
Main Colours: Brown, Black
Markings: Spots Small
Mouth: Downturned
Tail: Concave
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