Photo Gallery for Amphilophus citrinellus

wetandhappy Mom & Dad's first batch of Fry 2-1-04
wetandhappy This is a 7 mo old Male Midas. he has had his first spawn of over 400+ fry. He is not agressive at all, except at spawning time.
wetandhappy Male Midas 8 mo.old By wetandhappy
Mez This is a large male Midas Cichlid, the photo was taken at a lfs near me. He was about 16 inches long.
wetandhappy This is the Male and Female Midas's.3/14/04
wetandhappyMale Midas guarding the nesting pot with the Female Midas in side..Dec 05
wetandhappyMidas Pair guarding their nesting Pot Dec 05
wetandhappy3 year old male Midas

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