Crenicara filamentosa
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Crenicara filamentosa

Common Names: Checkerboard Cichlid
Checkerboard Lyretail
Chessboard Cichlid
Lyretail Cichlid
Synonyms: Cremocara filamentosus
Crenicara filamentosa
Dicrossus filamentosa
Family: Cichlidae
Category: Cichlids
Distribution: America - South; Rio Negro in the Amazon Basin.
Main Ecosystem: River; Slow-moving rivers and streams.
Temperament: Peaceful; The checkerboard cichlid is one of the most peaceful cichlids in the hobby. The only time this species shows any aggressive behavior is when they are breeding, and the parents become territorial.
Diet: Carnivore; Live foods suit this species best, however, dry foods are usually accepted as well.
Care: The checkerboard cichlid is well-suited for almost any size of tank due to its relatively small size and peaceful personality. The tank needs to be moderately to heavily planted, with adequate hiding places as well as open foraging areas. This species is and excellent tankmate for other dwarf cichlids and small tetras, barbs, or rasboras, and will rarely hide. However, when housed with large, boisterous fish, this cichlid will become very timid.
6 - 7.3
24°C - 28°C
75°F - 82°F
2 dH - 15 dH
Potential Size: Male: 8cm (3.1")
Female: 8cm (3.1")
Water Region: Middle, Bottom; This species swims and feeds primarily in the middle and bottom levels of the water column.
Activity: Diurnal; This is a diurnal fish that rests during the night.
Gender: The males are larger and more colorful than the females, with longer tail filaments. It is thought that when young, individuals of this species are only female, but then the biggest ones develop more color and become males.
Breeding: Moderately easy. In soft, acidic water, the pair will will clean a broad leaf or flat rock. The female will then lay her eggs on the leaf or rock and they are immediately fertilized by the male. After spawning, the female guards the eggs and becomes very territorial. She will attack any fish that gets too close to her eggs, including the male cichlid.
Comments: Like other dwarf cichlids, the checkerboard is relatively short-lived compared to larger members of the family.
Main Colours: Gold, Black, Red
Markings: Striped And Spotted
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Convex
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