Protomelas similis

Common Names: Gorgeous Hap
Family: Cichlidae
Category: Cichlids
Distribution: Africa; Africa
Main Ecosystem: Rift Lake; Rift Lake
Temperament: Aggressive; Aggressive
Diet: Ominvore; Ominvore
Care: Typical of lake malawi cichlids, good comunity fish, do not keep with any fish it can put in its mouth i.e tetras etc. should be fed good quality fish flake/pelet for cichlids however it is important that this diet be suplemented with worm and shrip both live and frozen are readily accepted.
7.6 - 8.4
24°C - 28°C
75°F - 82°F
15 dH - 30 dH
Potential Size: Male: 15cm (5.9")
Female: 15cm (5.9")
Water Region: Middle, Bottom; Middle-Bottom
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Gender: males are brighly coloured blue and red (though many colours are present in this fish dubed Georgeous hap) with a dark lateral line down the middle which dissapears when he is ready to mate, femles are duller in colour again with a lateral line and may also be smaller
Breeding: Easily done, clean, hard warm water and frequent water changes with high quality live and flake frozen foods will promote breeding. They are harrem breeders (i.e seveal females to each male) they are maternal mouth brooders with the female holding for 3 weeks plus. may be a good idea to place in community tank to breed, where the male will have dither fish so as to not injure the female once mating has ceaced. cearful removal of the female may be recomended if the male becomes too aggressive.
Comments: very easy to keep and breed though it is imperative a varied diet is adminsered to ensure good health.
Main Colours: Blue, Red, Grey
Markings: Not Specified
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Flat
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