Photo Gallery for Trichogaster leerii

aquavisie Trichogaster leeri
tdm33 A female with beautiful markings and a shorter, rounded dorsal fin.
tdm33 A male with very bright markings, a longer dorsal fin, and a reddish throat. one of my first fish. i've had this little girl for almost 2 years now.
tdm33 A female with a fuller belly and a completely pale throat.
demonfish pearl gourami
LITTLE_FISH3 Juvenile Pearls. The middle one is a male and can be identified as such by his elongated dorsal fin.
LITTLE_FISHJuvenile Male Pearl
LITTLE_FISHJuvenile Female Pearl
LITTLE_FISHA Pair of Pearls
CountryfishOur male Pearl , about 2 years old . He's on his own at the moment , we hope to get him some female company soon!
MrKipperA pair of females Pearls

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