Poecilia sphenops
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Poecilia sphenops

Common Names: Molly
Sphenops Molly
Synonyms: Gambusia modesta
Gambusia plumbea
Lembesseia parvianalis
Mollienesia altissima
Mollienesia gracilis
Mollienesia macrura
Mollienesia pallida
Mollienesia sphenops altissima
Mollienesia sphenops macrura
Mollienesia sphenops pallida
Mollienesia sphenops vantynei
Mollienesia vantynei
Mollienisia sphenops
Platypoecilus mentalis
Platypoecilus nelsoni
Platypoecilus tropicus
Poecilia boucardii
Poecilia caudata
Poecilia chisoyensis
Poecilia dovii
Poecilia spilonata
Poecilia spilurus
Poecilia tenuis
Poecilia thermalis
Poecilia vandepolli arubensis
Poecilia vetiprovidentiae
Family: Poeciliidae
Category: Livebearers
Distribution: America - Central; Central America.
Main Ecosystem: Delta; Delta
Temperament: Peaceful; Peaceful.
Diet: Herbivore; Herbivore
Care: Feed with vegetable-based flakes and algae. Don't clean algae off back glass as Mollies need the algae for survival. Many plants and some salt in the water will do the fish good.
7.5 - 8.5
18°C - 28°C
64°F - 82°F
10 dH - 30 dH
Potential Size: Male: 10cm (3.9")
Female: 10cm (3.9")
Water Region: All; All
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Gender: Sex can be determined by the male's modified anal fin (gonopodium).
Breeding: Mollies are livebearers. Although they are harder to breed than Swordtails and Guppies their breeding is still prolific. Babies will feed on zuccini cut into cubes. Some salt in the water will help with breeding, increase growth rates, and add more colour.
Comments: Mollies come in many different colour varieties. Black mollies are not recommended for beginners as they require more care. Mollies also come in the sailfin variety.
Main Colours:
Markings: Not Specified
Mouth: Upturned
Tail: Convex
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