Xiphophorus variatus

Common Names: Parrot Platy
Variatus Platy
Variegated Platy
Synonyms: Platypoecilus maculatus dorsalis
Platypoecilus variatus
Platypoecilus variegatus
Family: Poeciliidae
Category: Livebearers
Distribution: America - Central; Southern Mexico
Main Ecosystem: River; lives in shallow, slow-moving rivers
Temperament: Peaceful; a very peaceful little fish ideal for a community tank
Diet: Not Specified; flakes (regular and spriulina); small pellets; algae; insects, insect larvae, worms, Brine Shrimp
Care: A tank measuring 20" (51 cm) with a capacity of 10 gallons (38 L) is sufficient for one pair. Same basic care instructions for X. maculatus .
7 - 8.3
20°C - 26°C
68°F - 79°F
12 dH - 30 dH
Potential Size: Male: 5.1cm (2")
Female: 6.9cm (2.7")
Water Region: Not Specified
Activity: Not Specidied
Gender: Females are larger with the triangular shaped anal fin. Males are smaller and possess a gonopodium.
Breeding: After a gestation period of four to seven weeks, a female will have 20-150 live-born fry. The temperature should be raised to 72-81°F (22-27°C). Start feeding the fry with crushed flakes immediately. The young are sexually mature at six or seven months.
Variants: Varieties are available including the Blue Parrot, Marigold, Sunset, Black, and High-finned forms.
Comments: The body coloration is variable, even on the original strain. Usually the flanks are yellowish to orange, to bluish with black spots. The dorsal fin is generally yellow and the caudal fin is red. Females are generally less colorful.
Main Colours:
Markings: Not Specified
Mouth: Upturned
Tail: Not Specified
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