Tetraodon fluviatilis
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Tetraodon fluviatilis

Common Names: Ceylon Puffer
Green Puffer
Synonyms: Chelonodon fluviatilis
Family: Tetraodontidae
Category: OthersFW
Distribution: Asia; Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Borneo, and Mynamar.
Main Ecosystem: Estuary; Estuary
Temperament: Aggressive; Agressive.
Diet: Carnivore; Carnivore
Care: The care of this fish is very similar to T. Nigroviridis. They require high end brackish water and eventually full saltwater conditions. Feed ghost shrimp, snails, tubifex worms, bloodworms, krill, shell-on shrimp, crabs, clams, and mussels. This species will also eat some plant matter. All puffers should be fed shelled food at least once a week to keep the growth of their teeth under control.
7.8 - 9
24°C - 28°C
75°F - 82°F
Potential Size: Male: 20.3cm (8")
Female: 20.3cm (8")
Water Region: Middle, Bottom; Middle-Bottom
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Gender: No sexual dimorphism.
Breeding: Hard to accomplish and appears to be entirely independant of the caretaker of the tank. They breed, or don't, for no apparant reason.
Comments: This species is rare in the aquarium trade. Many times the fish sold as T. Fluviatilis are simply a variant of the Green Spotted Puffer (T. Nigroviridis). A true Ceylon Puffer should look like a cross between the Figure Eight Puffer and the Green Spotted Puffer. This species, although agressive, is not as agressive as the T. nigroviridis. While the skin on this and most freshwater/brackish water puffers is toxic, it has been discovered that when in captivity, puffers tend to lose their toxin
Main Colours: Black, Yellow, White
Markings: Spots Large
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Flat
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