Possible Compatible Species for Ecsenius midas

Note: This is a rule based search which makes certain assumptions based on characteristics including size, temperament, temperature and pH. As with all advice, please use common sense before combining any two species.

 Scientific NameCommon NamesSynonymsFamily
Chromis viridisBlue-Green Chromis
Blue-Green Damselfish
Pomacentrus viridisPomacentridae
 Chaetodon xanthurusPearlscale Butterfly Fish
Yellow Tail Butterfly Fish
 Chaetodon madagaskariensisMadagascar Butterfly Fish
Madagascar Pearlscale Butterfly Fish
Seychelles Butterfly fish
Chaetodon madagascariensisChaetodontidae
 Chaetodon mertensiiAtoll Butterfly Fish
Eastern Pearlscale Butterfly Fish
 Chaetodon baronessaBaroness Butterfly Fish
Eastern Triangular Butterfly Fish
 Centropyge resplendensResplendent Angelfish
Resplendent Pygmy Angelfish
 Holacanthus ciliarisQueen AngelfishPomacanthidae