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Showing Exact Matches

 Scientific NameCommon NamesSynonymsFamily
Epalzeorhynchos frenatumRainbow Shark
Redfin Shark
Labeo frenatusCyprinidae
Ictalurus furcatusArkansas Blue
Arkansas Hybrid
Blue Channel Catfish
Blue Runner
Chucklehead Cat
Forktail Cat
Fulton Catfish
Great Blue Catfish
High Fin Blue Catfish
North American Blue Catfish
Silver Catfish
Pimelodus furcatusIctaluridae
 Ictalurus punctatusChannel Catfish
Graceful Catfish
Silurus punctatus Ictaluridae
Pimelodus pictusAngelicus Catfish
Pictus Catfish
Pimelodella pictus
Pimelodus angelicus