Vallisneria spiralis

Common Names: Corkscrew Val
Distribution: Tropics and subtropics
Description: Long, flat, grass-like leaves which will coil under correct conditions. Adventitious roots will appear above substrate for 2-6cm.
Potential Height: 102cm   (40.2")
Growth Rate: Fast
Care: Extremely easy to keep. Bury the roots in the substrate leaving leaves wholly exposed. Usually no specific care is required.
Difficulty: Easy
15°C - 32°C
59°F - 90°F
6.2 - 7.8
4 dH - 18 dH
Lighting: Does not need an excess of light. 1 watt per gallon will be enough to sustain the plant, 2 watts per gallon will allow it to grow and expand.
Propagation: Advantitious roots (runners).
Comments: There is some disagreement over the potential size of this plant in the literature, with some saying only 20 inches. In my experience, no plant has ever failed to reach 40+ inches at 26 deg C.
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