Riccia fluitans

Common Names: Crystalwort
Distribution: Circumtropical and subtropical
Potential Height: 5cm   (2")
Growth Rate: Fast
Care: Allowed to float free, this plant is very hardy and tolerant. It can also be submersed and tied to rocks or driftwood, although this will require pruning and does best with the addition of CO2.
Difficulty: Easy
10°C - 28°C
50°F - 82°F
5 - 8
2 dH - 9 dH
Lighting: Although this plant prefers medium lighting, it will grow in low to very high light.
Propagation: By division. This plant, or more accurately group of tiny plants, multiplies very quickly.
Comments: A favourite with anabantid breeders, this plant is ideal for bubblenesters, and for growing a good crop of infusorians upon which newly born fry can feed. Also, being tolerant of cooler temperatures, this plant will thrive even in unheated aquariums.
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