Echinodorus tenellus
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Echinodorus tenellus

Common Names: Dwarf Chain Sword
Pygmy Chain Sword
Distribution: North and South America
Description: Rosette plant. Long, thin, bright green stems.
Potential Height: 13cm   (5.1")
Growth Rate: Medium
Care: With high lighting, this plant will form a nice carpet affect. Will do better with a nutritious substrate and CO2, but are not entirely necessary.
Difficulty: Easy
22°C - 29°C
72°F - 84°F
5.5 - 8
1 dH - 12 dH
Lighting: Does well in 2 or more watts per gallon of flourescent lighting.
Propagation: Reproduces fairly quickly by sending out runners in multiple directions when it's requirements are met. These runners can be trimmed or left to grow. Plantlets are best trimmed when there are at least four or five leaves, leaving a cm of runner on either side. If they are trimmed with less leaves they are less likely to survive.
Comments: One of the easiest foreground plants. Requires only medium light and little care. In medium light they can easily be shaded out by themselves, and can rot away. It is best to thin out your foreground before this happens. This may also happen if larger plants are blocking out direct light.

Also the terrestrial(emersed) version is commonly sold in retail stores. These tend to have larger spear-shaped leaves. When placed in an aquarium the larger leaves will die off, but the plant will live and will eventually produce new submersed growth leaves. It is best to remove the large leaves as they start to show
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