Anubias barteri var. barteri
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Anubias barteri var. barteri

Common Names: Giant Anubias
Broadleaved Anubias
Distribution: From tropical West Africa. These plants are found in bogs and along riverbanks. They can be found growing either submersed or emersed with just the rhizome and roots underwater.
Description: This plant is uniformly green and sprouts broad leaves with a waxy covering. The leaves are connected to thick stems which are attached to a thick rhizome. The rhizome has roots which anchor the plant into the substrate.
Potential Height: 40cm   (15.7")
Growth Rate: Slow
Care: This Anubias is typical of the genus, extremely hardy and easy to keep. Dosing with nutrients or CO2 is unnecessary, as this plant will grow slowly and steadily almost regardless of conditions. It can tolerate a wide variety of water parameters, and can even survive in a tank with herbivorous fish.

One important note is that the rhizome should not be buried under the substrate. It will deteriorate and result in the slow death of the plant.
Difficulty: Easy
20°C - 30°C
68°F - 86°F
5 - 9
1 dH - 20 dH
Lighting: Lighting needs are low. A simple single-bulb fluorescent lamp is enough. High light is tolerated by the plant, but it can encourage fast-growing algae to gain a foothold on the plant.
Propagation: Propagation can be accomplished by cutting the rhizome into sections, each with a complement of healthy leaves and roots.
Comments: This well-known plant is highly popular with novice aquarists and experts alike. It is able to thrive in harsh conditions so well that it is often celebrated as "invincible". Anubias barteri is a diverse species with many variations, of which var. barteri and var. nana are the most common.
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