Hygrophila corymbosa

Common Names: Giant Hygro
Narrow Leaf Hygro
Hygrophila strica
Noamphila stricta
Distribution: Southeast Asia
Description: Hygrophila corymbosa is a large green stem plant. There are several different varieties of Hygrophila corymbosa. The common variety has leaves which are roundish and pointed at the end. It may exhibit pink leaves under bright lighting.
Potential Height: 46cm   (18.1")
Growth Rate: Medium
Care: Hygrophila corymbosa is an easy plant to care for. It will grow even in low light. Growth will be slow under low light. If kept under bright light, fertilizers should be addded so its growth growth is not stunted.
Difficulty: Easy
21°C - 28°C
70°F - 82°F
6.5 - 7.8
1 dH - 20 dH
Lighting: Low to High
Propagation: Easy- can be propagated by trimming the tops off and replanting or through side-shoots.
Comments: Hygrophila corymbosa is very beautiful and hardy plant. When adding it to your aquarium, make sure to remove it from the pot or take off the lead weight. This will allow you to spread the stems apart. If you do not spread the stems apart, the bottom leaves will rot away from lack of lighting. The stems should be planted in the back of the aquarium for the best results. One buch of Hygrophila corymbosa will fill up a significant amount of space in your aquarium.
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