Cryptocoryne wendtii

Common Names: Green wendtii
Red wendtii
Bronze wendtti
Distribution: Cryptocoryne wendtii can be found throughout southern Asia in bogs. They may be seen growing submersed or emersed.
Description: Cryptocoryne wendtii is a rosette plant with variable leaves. This is due to different varieties. Some varieties are- Cryptocoryne wendtii var. "green", Cryptocoryne wendtii var. "red" and Cryptocoryne wendtii var. "bronze"
Potential Height: 30cm   (11.8")
Growth Rate: Slow
Care: Cryptocorynes are very sensitive to change. With that said, they should only be moved when neccesary. The substrate should be rich in fertilizers as they are root feeders. If you use regular aquarium gravel, the aquarium should age so that the substrate accumulates debris for the roots to feed off. Does especially well when planted in Eco-Complete for the planted aquarium and and Seachems Fluorite Does best in warmer temperatures.
Difficulty: Easy
21°C - 29°C
70°F - 84°F
6.5 - 7.5
1 dH - 20 dH
Lighting: Low to High. Does best in moderate(2 watts per gallon) lighting.
Propagation: Seeds, runners and side shoots
Comments: A very easy plant to keep if conditions are good. If conditions change rapidly, cryptocoryne melt may occur. Cryptocoryne melt is when the the leaves rot away. The plant will come back if conditions remain stable.
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