Microsorum pteropus

Common Names: Java Fern
Distribution: Southeast Asia
Description: Java fern is a lush, mid-ground plant often used to decorate rocks and driftwood.
Potential Height: 23cm   (9.1")
Growth Rate: Slow
Care: Java Fern is an incredibly hardy plant that does not require much care. It should be planted on a rock or driftwood (its roots will attach to the surface it is planted on). If the plant is to be grown in the substrate, it is important not to bury the rhizome (the thick, horizontally-growing root). Covering the rhizome will prevent new leaves from growing and eventually kill the plant. Often found in estuaries, Java Fern can be kept in brackish tanks (with a specific gravity of up to 1.010).
Difficulty: Easy
18°C - 29°C
64°F - 84°F
5.5 - 7.7
2 dH - 14 dH
Lighting: This is a low light plant, requiring at least one watt per gallon. If given too much light, Java Fern may melt, or grow transparent patches.
Propagation: New plants will grow on the tips of the original leaves and eventually detach themselves.
Comments: This is a tough, poisonous plant that is usually ignored by herbivorous fish.

Microsorium pteropus comes in a few cultivated varieties. There is the regular java fern, Tropica, Windelov, Phillipine, and narrow leaf varieties.
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