Taxiphyllum barbieri

Common Names: Java Moss
Distribution: Southeast Asia, India, and the Phillipines
Description: Dark green to brownish in color. It has long, flowing, strands each containing many small leaves. Grows in clumps, but easily adheres to an object, and grow a carpet like covering on driftwood and rocks.
Potential Height: 10cm   (3.9")
Growth Rate: Fast
Care: Regular trimming is a must, as this plant grows everywhere and on everything, and will clog filters and shade plants. Due to excess wastes, and dirt, the Java Moss will get a slightly brown tinge. This however is easy to clean, just give it a shake and let the filter suck it up. Java moss can be grown completely submersed, emersed, or terrestrially in damp conditions. If grown terrestrially, it will send out reddish-brown sporocarps.
Difficulty: Easy
15°C - 28°C
59°F - 82°F
5 - 9
Lighting: Low to medium-high lighting is preffered. Lower lighting levels will give the Java Moss a darker green, almost to a murky brown tinge. The Java Moss will grow in almost any lighting. There has even been reports of Java Moss growing in a bucket in a garage.
Propagation: Java Moss is highly reproductive. Just take a smallish clump and toss it in a tank, or tie it to a surface for the blanketing or carpeting effect. Or, it will grow if you take a few strands and put some on driftwood or a rock and mist until it has fully adhered. Then you can put it in the new tank.
Comments: Some consider it the "Holy Grail" of breeding, as the fry can hide from predators here, and will find food in the form of tiny microorganisms or algae. Egg scatterers will lay their eggs here, and they will be safe. The miniscule leaves will provide food for some shrimp and fish. Used for a nutrient absorber, as it constantly is growing, and uses the nitrates in the water. Some people have reported growth in brackish water tanks.
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