Potamogeton gayii
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Potamogeton gayii

Common Names: Potamogeton gayii
Distribution: South America
Description: Very thin, dark green or brown leaves spaced compactly in good light.
Potential Height: 40cm   (15.7")
Growth Rate: Medium
Care: This delicate plant is easily taken over by algae. Otherwise, it is very adaptable.
Difficulty: Moderate
20°C - 30°C
68°F - 86°F
5.5 - 8
1 dH - 18 dH
Lighting: Needs bright light to grow well. Will not do well shaded. Three watts per gallon or more of fluorescent lighting is recommended.
Propagation: Cuttings can be taken above the leaf node. Both the original plant and the cutting will continue to grow. Also forms runners.
Comments: Great plant to mix up color and leaf shape in a high light aquarium. Can be used as a taller foreground plant if light is bright enough.
Image Credit: mattyboombatty
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