Ludwigia glandulosa
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Ludwigia glandulosa

Common Names: Red Star Ludwigia
Glandular Ludwigia
Distribution: North America
Description: Large spear shaped leaves that form at one leaf per node. Under good conditions this plant will turn reddish purple. Has a very low tendancy to branch.
Potential Height: 30cm   (11.8")
Growth Rate: Slow
Care: Moderate to difficult. High light, CO2, consistent levels of micro and macro nutrients are needed to keep the leaves on this plant and colored up. If more than one or two parameters are amiss this plant will turn green or drop leaves.
Difficulty: Moderate
22°C - 28°C
72°F - 82°F
5.5 - 8
1 dH - 18 dH
Lighting: 3 or more watts per gallon are recommended. Will turn green and may even drop leaves with less light.
Propagation: From cuttings placed just above the node.
Comments: Beautiful centerpeice red plant if you can accomodate its needs. Not listed as difficult because it will not fuss over one specific micronutrient if everything else is in line.

Incorrectly sold under Peruvian Ludwigia. Peruvian Ludwigia is actually a species of plant, however it is entirely terrestrial.
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