Cryptocoryne undulata

Common Names: Undulate crypto
Distribution: Southeast Asia, especially Sri Lanka
Description: Long, slim leaves are green on top and reddish-brown underneath, with rippled margins, growing on mid-length petioles. Leaves grow separated by small internodii.
Potential Height: 15cm   (5.9")
Growth Rate: Medium
Care: This is a hardy, undemanding plant that is very forgiving.
Difficulty: Easy
20°C - 28°C
68°F - 82°F
5.5 - 8
2 dH - 9 dH
Lighting: Low to very high.
Propagation: Separate larger plants into smaller groups of leaves and replant.
Comments: Individual plants should be spaces a 2-4 cm apart, and are best planted in groups of 3 or more to offer the best display.
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