Hygrophila difformis

Common Names: Water Wisteria
Synnema triflorum
Distribution: India to Malaysia - South-East Asia
Description: Unique leaf shape and pale green appearance make this stem plant popular amongst many aquarists. Does well in contrasting with darker plants such as cryptocryones and plants capable of turning red such as Ludwigia and Hygrophila polysperma.
Potential Height: 50cm   (19.7")
Growth Rate: Fast
Care: Quite adaptable, it is considered a good starting point for beginning enthusiasts. May require infrequent additions of liquid fertiliser to keep iron levels up. Like many plants, does best under high lighting and with CO2 addition, however many hobbyists report great success with medium lighting and no carbon addition.
Difficulty: Easy
22°C - 30°C
72°F - 86°F
5 - 9
2 dH - 20 dH
Lighting: Does best under medium - high lighting, but even lighting as low as 1.5 WPG can be enough.
Propagation: Propagation through cuttings, cut in half and plant both pieces.
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