Ludwigia repens
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Ludwigia repens

Common Names: Wide-leaf ludwigia
Narrow-leaf ludwigia
Red ludwiga
Distribution: Central America
Description: Stem plant. Two leaves per node. Leaves can be brown with red undersides in high light, or green in low light. Available in a wide leaf form and a narrow leaf form.
Potential Height: 50cm   (19.7")
Growth Rate: Fast
Care: Easy plant to care for as long as enough lighting is provided. Not as picky about nutrients like iron as other non-green plants. As a fast grower, regular trimming should be provided.
Difficulty: Easy
15°C - 26°C
59°F - 79°F
5.5 - 8
1 dH - 18 dH
Lighting: Does will in medium to very bright light, or two or more watts per gallon.
Propagation: Stems can be cut just above the leaf node. The new trimming will continue to grow and the base will generally put out a side shoot at the node. Regular trimming will make this plant grow more side shoots and become more bushy.
Comments: This plant loves to reach for the surface, then spread across horizontally, almost like it would rather be a floating plant. It will create a very attractive mat on the surface, and possible even flower, but will effectively block out all light for plants beneath it. Regular trimmings can prevent this behavior.
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