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Profile:Betta splendens
Reason:More info for inexperianced breederes
Old Text:Not hard to breed if done properly. The male Siamese Fighting Fish builds a nest of small bubbles on the surface of the water, usually under a floating leaf or something similar. Any strong current in the water can destroy the bubble nest, so surface agitation should be minimal.
The pair need to be conditioned prior to placing them together, with the male in the breeding tank. This conditioning should be done for 7 to 14 days with as much live food as possible including live bloodworm and brine shrimp.
When the conditioning is complete, place the female in the tank, separated from the male, but still visible, using a fish bag or breeding trap. The male will dance around the female and try to attack her as he builds a bubble nest. Once the bubble nest is built up, release the female.
The male will wrap himself around the female and squeeze the eggs out while fertilising them. Once the male is done remove the female to a recovery tank. The male will care for the eggs.
There should be no substrate in the breeding tank. When the female is releasing the eggs the male takes them to the nest. The temperature should be around 80F.
Once the fry are free swimming, remove the male and feed them baby brine shrimp.
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