Saltwater Diseases

contributed by Thomas Sasala

Scientific vs. Common Disease Names

Scientific Name Common Names
Amyloodinium ocellateum Amyloodinium, Oodinium, Marine Velvet, Saltwater Ich
Cryptocaryon irritans Cryptocaryon, White spot disease, Saltwater Ich
Brookynella Hostillis Brooklynella, Clownfish disease, Angelfish disease
Mycobacteria marinum Fish TB
Tubellarian worms Black Ich, Tang Disease
Benedenia melleni Fish Flukes
Argulus sp. Fish lice
Ichthyosporidium hoferi Fungus Disease
Unknown Head and lateral line erosion (HLLE)
Lymphocystis virus Viral disease, Cauliflower disease
Pseudomonas sp. Fin Rot, Red Spot Disease, Ulcers (Bacterial Disease)
Vibrio anquillarium Vibrio, "Wipe Out"

Suggested Treatment

Disease Name Treatment
1(4) Black Ich Freshwater dip coupled with formalin bath
2(4) Brookynella* Copper coupled with formalin bath
3 Fin Rot Erythromycin, Neomycin
4 Fish Lice and Flukes Freshwater dip or Formalin bath
5 HLLE ? - Better environment
6 Intern. Parasites Medicated Food
7 Cryptocaryon* Formalin bath (1/2 -1 hour) once every other day for a week.
8 Ichthyosporidium None - better environment
9 Lymphocystis (None - it should go away)
10 Amyloodinium* Freshwater dip coupled with copper
11 Microsporidian None - euthanasia
12 Poisoning Massive water changes/move to an untainted environment
13 Poor Diet Vary Diet; meet the requirements of the animal
14 TB Kanamycin, Isoniazid
15 Vibrio Erythromycin, Neomycin
* Both tank and fish must be treated to erradicate the pest.

Symptom Verses Likely Disease

X = positive sign
P = possible sign
Black SpotsX--------------
Change in color-----P-X---X-PX
Cloudy Eyes---X--P--P-X---
Distended Stomach-----P--------P
Erratic Swimming-----P----XX--P
Fin Erosion--X----------PP
Gold/Brown Spots---------X-----
Lack of appetite-------P--XP-XX
"Pop Eyes"-------------PP
Reddened Areas--X----------XX
Rough Skin------XX-X-----
Wormlike attachments---X-----------
Warty growths--------X------
White Patches-X-X------X----
White Spots (1mm)------X--P-----

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