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ACF:  African clawed frog
ADF:  African dwarf frog
AFAIK:  As far as I know
ALK:  Alkalinity
ASAP:  As Soon As Possible
BBA:  Black beard algae or Black brush algae
BBS:  Baby brine shrimp
BGA:  Blue-green algae
BGK:  Black ghost knifefish
BN:  Bristlenose pleco
BTA:  Bubble tip anemone
BTW:  By the way
Ca(OH)2:  Calcium hydroxide
CaCl2:  Calcium chloride
CaCO3:  Calcium carbonate
CAE:  Chinese algae eater
CBB:  Copperband butterfly
CBS:  Coral banded shrimp
CF:  Compact Fluorescent
CO2:  Carbon dioxide
CO3:  Carbonate
Cyano:  Cyanobacteria
DIY:  Do it yourself
dKH:  Degrees of carbonate hardness
DMS:  Delayed Mortality Syndrome
DSB:  Deep Sand Bed
DT:  Doubletail
FOWLR:  Fish only with live rock
FW:  Freshwater
FWIW:  For What It's Worth
FYI:  For your information
GPH:  Gallons per hour
GSM:  Gold stripe maroon clownfish
GSP:  Green star polyps
HCO3:  Hydrogen carbonate
HITH:  Hole in the head disease
HLLE:  Head and lateral line erosion
HM:  Halfmoon
HMPK:  Halfmoon Plakat
HOB:  Hang on Back
HT:  Hospital tank
IIRC:  If I remember correctly
IME:  In my experience
IMHO:  In my humble opinion
IMO:  In my opinion
Kalk:  Kalkwasser, German for calcium hydroxide solution or limewater
LCPS:  Local Chain Pet Store
LCS:  Local chain store
LFS:  Local fish store
LMK:  Let me know
LPS:  Local pet store or Large polyp Scleractinian (stony) coral
LR:  Live rock
MH:  Metal halide
MTS:  Multiple Tank Syndrome or Malaysian Trumpet Snail
MW:  Microworms
NFS:  Not For Sale
NH3:  Ammonia
NH4:  Ammonium
NNR:  Natural nitrate reduction
NO2:  NitrIte
NO3:  NitrAte
NSW:  Natural saltwater or New South Wales
NTD:  Neon tetra disease
ORP:  Oxidative redox potential
PFK:  Practical Fishkeeper
PK:  Plakat
PO4:  Phosphate
PPM:  Parts per million, equivalent to mg/l (milligrams per litre)
QT:  Quarantine Tank
RBTA:  Red bubble tip anemone
RO/DI:  Reverse osmosis, followed by deionisation, type of water purification
RTBS:  Red tailed black shark
RTN:  Rapid tissue necrosis
RTS:  Red tailed shark
SAE:  Siamese algae eater
SD:  Super Delta
SG:  Specific gravity
SHO:  Super high output fluorescent light, equivalent to power compact fluorescent
SL:  Standard length- Measured from the tip of the snout to just before the tail fin.
SPS:  Small polyp stony coral
STN:  Slow Tissue Necrosis
TDS:  Total dissolved solids
TFH:  Tropical Fish Hobbyist
TL:  Total length- Measured from the tip of the snout to the very end of the tail.
UGF:  Under Gravel Filter
UV:  Ultraviolet
VHO:  Very high output
VT:  Veiltail
WC:  Water Change
WCMM:  Whit Cloud Mountain Minnow
WQ:  Water Quality
YMMV:  Your mileage may vary
YWG:  Yellow watchman goby

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