FAQ: Mail-Order Houses

Mail-Order Aquarium Supplies

Although prices are lower through mail order, one must consider the cost of the shipping and handling, the delay time if product is not in stock, and the fact that the mail order company will typically not answer detailed questions. Your local retailer on the other hand must pay for the overhead of inventory, and often times are willing to answer questions. We need to collectively ensure the survival of good, helpful stores with fair prices.

This list is horribly out of date, and really needs to be updated with some of the recent moves into online pet stores, such as Big Al's.

The Big Fish

That Fish Place
237 Centerville Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17603

The last of the "big four" on our list when we started the FAQ. That Pet Place/That Fish Place is a popular favorite.

Good Source for: Plants

Shipping: Actual Cost

Pet Warehouse

Pet Warehouse has been recently sold to Drs. Smith and Foster. It remains to be seen how their availability and service will change.

Please note also that Pet Warehouse was not the same as Pets Warehouse (with an "S"), a firm based out of New York, now infamous for (among other things) suing several hobbyists in 2001 for critical comments made about their business on the Internet.

The Small Fry

Wet Thumb Aquatic
52700 Base St.
New Baltimore, MI 48047

Smaller outfit. Their selection is not great but prices are very good. They are more breeder oriented. They ship same day. Also, they happen to carry a great deal of merchandise, a lot that other companies do not even think about. Also, they are very willing to answer your questions.

Good Source for: Regenerative Blowers and Reverse Osmosis units.

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