Reefkeepers FAQ's


The source of the Reefkeepers FAQ's is available here.

This is a composite document written by many folks. It contains information each participant felt was basic information required for anyone considering maintaining a reef tank. In reality, it's turned into a bit of a reference document. Some of the information has been taken from public forums like the Internet UseNet *.aquaria groups. Credit to the authors of such information is given next to their contribution.

Release 1.2 8 Apr, 1997 Updated many sections
Release 1.12 17 Aug, 1994 More corrections and minor area expansions
Release 1.11 18 Apr, 1994 Some corrections and minor area expansions
Release 1.10 9 Sep, 1993 Significant additions to test kit and protein skimming sections. Many spelling and grammar corrections, some style and format alterations.
Release 1.02 1 Sep, 1993 Reorganized, split into 3 pieces
Release 1.01 1 Jul, 1993 First Public Release
Release 1.00 12 May, 1993  

Copyright 1993, ReefKeepers, All Rights Reserved ReefKeepers, for purposes of the copyright, is the group of authors listed at the end of this 3-part document. Permission is granted for it to be copied (unmodified) in either electronic or hardcopy form by nonprofit organizations if it is copied in its entirety and used in stand-alone form. This document may not otherwise be published, posted, uploaded, replicated or copied by any method, electronic or physical, without the explicit permission of ALL of the listed contributors.

The authors of this document have kindly spent the time to bring you their opinions. They are not liable in any form or fashion, nor are their employers, for how you use this information. Their opinions should not be construed as fact; don't blame them if your tank has problems.

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