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Subscribe75 gallon African stocking?
Fish Guy
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male canada
I'm planning on stocking my 75 gallon with Demasoni and White Labs. Just wondering what everyone thought would be good stocking numbers? I was thinking maybe 14-16 Demasoni and 10 Labs. Thanks for the help.
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Sin in Style
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male usa
Demasoni are of the sort that the first agenda in life is owning space before anything else. Pretty much the rule of them is have 1 of hem in the tank or 20+ of them and nothing else. with 20+ they will lose targets fairly easy. Course this does not mean its fool proof. Possability is still there that in th emorning you wake up to 1 left.

this is no exaggeration. for me, one was enough lol and she is queen of the tank.
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Fish Addict
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male usa us-maryland
EditedEdited 16-Feb-2012 08:15
I would think the demasoni are a little too aggresive for the labs.

The good news is that zebras sometime share similar colors as the demasoni. Even then I would probably add the labs first.

If your not worried about cross breeding, mixing white and yellow labs may have a nice look and there aggresion levels should be about the same.

Good luck.
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