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SubscribeBloodworms w/ Butterflyfish
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First, I'd like to ask if there's a better place to post a topic about butterflyfish. It didn't fall into any category I could see.

Anyway, I got some bloodworms recently to change up my tanks diet. I wanted to add some more variety instead of only using flakes.

For some reason, if my butterflyfish eats a couple worms, he goes insane. He'll violently swim to the back or bottom of the tank. This is all very odd behavior (especially the swimming to the bottom). Are they against bloodworms or is mine just crazy?

I'd also like to find an alternative food source for him. Profiles suggest some insects but I don't really have anywhere to get them.
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I assume you mean Pantodon buchholzi? You should probably just post those questions in General Freshwater.

I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying about the behavior. Certainly bloodworms would be something to get excited about, but I would be worried if it were stressed or choking.

If you butterflyfish is large enough, live crickets can be purchased at a pet store; they are often used as reptile food.

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