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SubscribeBlue coloration in angels
Big Fish
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female usa
I have these young gold pearlscale angels that are so vibrant and wonderful! I purchased them for an amazing 3.00 each at the LFS, what a steal! They are half dollar size now and are starting to show some lovely faint blue coloration, most noticeable in the horizontal stripes on the dorsal fin... I was wondering if this blue color is going to develop more as they grow up or what?
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Fish Guru
Piranha Bait
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male canada ca-ontario
Very late response sorry. You got a great deal on those angels ! The angels I used to have also had faint blue coloration on the dorsal and ventral fins. As adults the blue color stayed very light.

Do you still have these fish ? How are they doing ?

The Amazon Nut...
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male usa
They might have some Philippine(sp?) Blue in them. Interesting. Mind posting some pictures?
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