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Small Fry
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hi i have a loan 8" midas in a 250L tank, im wondering if its possible to calm him down! hes super aggressive, and i know theyre meant to be, but i would like to put some sort of plants in there to brighten up the tank, and help the filter.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can calm him down, or any suggestions of hardy plants? (but not fake)

cheers, kev
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Fish Guru
What is this?
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male usa
You might be able to try plants like anubias, java fern, or maybe a sword. The anubias and java fern you will need to tie down to a rock or chunk of driftwood.

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male canada
I have been told that to calm a fish down you turn the temp down to the lower end of what the fish can handle, 73-75F. I have not done this myself but you can try it.
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Fish Addict
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u really cant calm down a midas they are really aggressive fish if u must have some fish in with them id try rainbow fish or giant danios cuz they are to quick to be caught. otherwise i would try if i was u but i might find one after killing a lot of fish and wasteing a lot of money.
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Fish Guru
Lord of the Beasts
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male uk
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Wouldnt be much point, probably wont have a marked effect and would just lower the fish's metabolism making it long term more susceptible to disease, and taking a fish off peak condition to attempt to "tame it" isnt really appropriate.

If its not hurting other fish or itself there isnt even a great deal of point in calming it. Its an aggressive territorial species, its what they do. I think trying to govern its aggression directly is a touch of unrealistic expectation personally.

Any particular reason you want to govern its behaviour to be less aggressive? If your not liking its personality purely out of irritation, perhaps consider a different calmer species. Not much point in choosing an aggressive cichlid and then expecting it not to be aggressive. Its not a rabid goldfish, its an aggressive species.

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female canada
AHH a Midas, they have a mind of there own, dont they?
You have any pics of him, would love to see some.
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male usa
Pretty much not gonna calm him down no matter what. You can try Anubias tied onto driftwood like riri said, if its just a matter of decorations. He will likely leave floating plants alone as well. Maybe a bigger tank would allow you to decorate some as he just wants as much space as possible. RD's can sometimes calm down a little in bigger quarters. At 8" already though he should not have any tank mates unless you're talking about a significantly large tank with other very aggressive large cichlids.

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